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Most businesses have it all wrong! They treat their website like a marketing flyer and neglect it. But we get it… A lot of businesses do that because their digital marketing “experts” are failing them. Most of them simply focus on rankings, not revenue. Don’t get us wrong… rankings and traffic are great, but if those visitors don’t convert into customers, it doesn’t matter.  We don’t just care about rankings and traffic, we care about rankings for the right keywords, that deliver relevant traffic that converts to revenue and profit for your business.

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With over fifteen years of SEO experience, we stick to timeless strategy and tactics that work. No one wants to fall victim of Google’s relentless updates. Historically, our clients’ sites fair better after an update than their competitors, because we don’t rely on any one tactic to rank your website at the top of Google (like most SEO agencies today). Instead, our strategy incorporates a wide variety of best practices and tactics that ensure a stronghold on your rankings and results.

Conquer Your Competition

Every SEO campaign is different and depends on your industry and competition. We carefully assess your market, size up your competitors and put together a strategy that will conquer your competition and leave them in the dust.

Developing a Winning Strategy

When it comes time to develop a winning search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, we don’t just rush into selecting keywords and blindly start attempting random tactics. Every business and industry are different, so we approach every SEO campaign with a custom approach. However, we always follow these three steps to ensure we conquer the competition, every time.



First, we research your website’s overall “health” from a search engine perspective. This includes your website’s structure, number of pages, indexation behavior and backlink profile.  We also complete a thorough analysis of your competitive landscape in your market, and how that shapes your online competition. We dig really deep to find exactly what your competition is up to, and then benchmark your site’s performance against the competition we’re about to conquer.



Next, based on our research, we carefully lay out a strategy that exposes your competitors’ weaknesses and capitalizes on them. To do this, first we have to close the gap – bring your website up to the benchmark. Once we’ve closed any gaps, then we conquer the competition. This overall process involves a variety of timeless tactics – from obtaining their backlink profile, to finding out their most profitable keyword phrases. We leave no stone unturned because this is where most other SEO agencies get it all wrong.



Lastly, it’s time to execute. As they say, “a vision without a plan is just a dream”. And you’re not hiring us to show you a dream, you’re hiring us to help you realize your vision. So we waste no time in putting our groundbreaking SEO strategy to work for your business. We put in the man-hours needed to get you incredible results that help you conquer the competition. Oh, and did we mention we give you 24/7 access to your own online report? This means you can check the progress of your campaign at any moment.


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Not all search rankings on page one of Google are created equally. So while you might be running Google AdWords or appear on Google Maps, you are likely missing out on the majority of potential business. Why? Because over 85% of consumers ignore the AdWords ads and click on organic search results. So how much traffic and business are you missing out on exactly? Well, the average click through rate (CTR) for paid ads on Google AdWords worldwide in 2010 was 2% (Convario, January 2011). And Google Maps only represented a small fraction of traffic. So, if you are relying solely on Google AdWords for your traffic, you are missing out on more than 85% of the traffic running through Google!


Take the first step to double your leads and sales by booking your FREE 30-Minute Growth Strategy Call Today.